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A new life, a new journal 
A new life, a new journal
  Zheng-Yan Zhao
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A new life, a new journal

Zheng-Yan Zhao

Hangzhou, China


Zheng-Yan Zhao, MD

Editor, World Journal of Pediatrics

Children, a large and special group of people, have long been considered the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in society. Emerging in response to the increasing awareness that children who require special attention in health, pediatrics has developed tremendously over the last century through the efforts of clinical researchers and medical scientists worldwide. It is concerned with the development and growth of individuals from fetus to eighteen years old. Not only anatomy and physiology are characteristic in these individuals, but also diseases in each system are quite different from those in adults in terms of disease onset, pathology, clinical manifestations, assessment methods, diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, pediatrics is by all means a comprehensive field of medicine dealing with childhood and adolescent health.

It has been recognized that academic exchange and continuing education are crucial in medicine including pediatrics because of the rapid development of technology and science. The international exchange of scientific information and technology has been indispensable for the development of medical disciplines. With this endeavor, Chinese pediatricians and other professionals have been benefited tremendously in recent years. To further the relationship of clinicians and researchers in pediatrics between China and other countries and to meet their professional needs, we decide to launch the World Journal of Pediatrics in the English language at the Institute of Pediatrics of Zhejiang University School of Medicine. The mission of the journal is to publish advanced pediatric research, broaden the knowledge of pediatricians, and ultimately improve the health and well-being of children worldwide. Contributions are welcome from a wide range of disciplines including basic science medicine, clinical medicine, preventive pediatrics, pediatric healthcare, pharmacology, stomatology, etc.

To some extent only healthy children constitute a healthy world. Such a pioneering journal can certainly evoke new thoughts and reenforce the efforts of pediatricians and other professionals in their daily practice, who are the potential readership.

Finally, our sincere appreciation goes to the pediatric experts who have supported us in initiating this journal and those who will offer any help in the future.

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