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Vol 9, No 1
Vol 9, No 1 January 2013 ISSN 1708-8569
Review article
Original articles
Clinical summary
Case reports
Early life programming and metabolic syndrome
  Xiu-Min Wang
  World Journal of Pediatrics   2013;9:5-8. [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]  
Review article:
Updated diagnosis and treatment of childhood tuberculosis
  Shou-Chien Chen, Kwo-Liang Chen, Kou-Huang Chen, Shun-Tien Chien, Kow-Tong Chen
  World Journal of Pediatrics   2013;9:9-16. [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]  
Original articles:
Incidence of brain injuries in premature infants with gestational age 34 weeks in ten urban hospitals in China
  Hui-Jin Chen, Ke-Lun Wei, Cong-Le Zhou, Yu-Jia Yao, Yu-Jia Yang, Xiu-Fang Fan, Xi-Rong Gao, Xiao-Hong Liu, Ji-Hong Qian, Ben-Qing Wu, Gao-Qiang Wu, Qing-Mei Zhang, Xiao-Lan Zhang
  World Journal of Pediatrics   2013;9:17-24. [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]  
Solid tumors in Turkish children: a multicenter study
  Ayper Kacar, Irem Paker, Zuhal Akcoren, Safak Gucer, Gulsev Kale, Diclehan Orhan, Beril Talim, Aylar Poyraz, Omer Uluoglu, Aylin Okcu Heper, Sema Apaydin, Nilufer Arda, Esin Boduroglu, Aynur Albayrak, Murat Alper, Ata Turker Arikok
  World Journal of Pediatrics   2013;9:25-31. [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]  
Risk-adapted chemotherapy without procarbazine in treatment of children with Hodgkin lymphoma
  Yi-Jin Gao, Jing-Yan Tang, Ci Pan, Feng-Juan Lu, Hui-Liang Xue, Jing Chen
  World Journal of Pediatrics   2013;9:32-35. [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]  
Effect of proton pump inhibition on acid, weakly acid and weakly alkaline gastro-esophageal reflux in children
  Helena Turk, Bruno Hauser, Jernej Brecelj, Yvan Vandenplas, Rok Orel
  World Journal of Pediatrics   2013;9:36-41. [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]  
Clinical characteristics and mutation analysis of X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency in China
  Cui Zhang, Zhi-Yong Zhang, Jun-Feng Wu, Xue-Mei Tang, Xi-Qiang Yang, Li-Ping Jiang, Xiao-Dong Zhao
  World Journal of Pediatrics   2013;9:42-47. [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]  
Common WU polyomavirus infection in a Beijing population indicated by surveillance for serum IgG antibody against capsid protein VP2
  Ni-Na Zhang, Lin-Qing Zhao, Yuan Qian, Ru-Nan Zhu, Jie Deng, Fang Wang, Yu Sun, Li-Ying Liu
  World Journal of Pediatrics   2013;9:48-52. [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]  
Novel OCRL mutations in Chinese children with Lowe syndrome
  Yan-Qin Zhang, Fang Wang, Jie Ding, Hui Yan, Yan-Ling Yang
  World Journal of Pediatrics   2013;9:53-57. [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]  
Assessment of nutrient intakes of picky-eating Chinese preschoolers using a modified food frequency questionnaire
  Flora Yin-Ying Kwok, Yvonne Yi-Fong Ho, Chung-Mo Chow, Christabella Yat-Nam So, Ting-Fan Leung
  World Journal of Pediatrics   2013;9:58-63. [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]  
Asthma management by medical practitioners: the situation in a developing country
  Osarogiagbon Wilson Osaretin, Nwaneri Damian Uchechukwu, Oviawe Osawaru
  World Journal of Pediatrics   2013;9:64-67. [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]  
Liver steatosis in Polish children assessed by medico-legal autopsies
  Marta Rorat, Tomasz Jurek, Ernest Kuchar, Leszek Szenborn, Wojciech Golema, Agnieszka Halon
  World Journal of Pediatrics   2013;9:68-72. [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]  
Clinical summary:
Clinical features of benign convulsions with mild gastroenteritis in Chinese infants
  Yun-Feng Wang, Zhong-Shu Zhou
  World Journal of Pediatrics   2013;9:73-75. [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]  
Case reports:
Clinical and pathological features of a neonate with autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease caused by a nonsense PKHD1 mutation
  Xi-Hui Zhou, Zhi-Yan Hui, Yuan Li
  World Journal of Pediatrics   2013;9:76-79. [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]  
Colonic adenocarcinoma as a secondary malignancy after treatment of embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma
  Moustafa Hamchou, Hilal Matta, Gabriel Ionescu, Adnan Swid, Ahmed H. Al-Salem
  World Journal of Pediatrics   2013;9:80-83. [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]  
Acute kidney injury in a girl with ulcerative colitis and cytomegalovirus-induced focal segmental glomerular sclerosis
  Sankar R. Chirumamilla, Chun He, Lorraine C. Racusen, Ann O. Scheimann, Carmen Cuffari
  World Journal of Pediatrics   2013;9:84-86. [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]  
Acute cerebellitis associated with rotavirus infection
  Zenichiro Kato, Hideo Sasai, Michinori Funato, Takahiko Asano, Naomi Kondo
  World Journal of Pediatrics   2013;9:87-89. [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]  
Issues concerning psychomotor development of children after preimplanntation genetic diagnosis and parental stress evaluation
  Jian Shen, Shu-Jiong Mao
  World Journal of Pediatrics   2013;9:90-91. [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]  
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