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Diagnosis and treatment of herpangina: Chinese expert consensus 
Diagnosis and treatment of herpangina: Chinese expert consensus
  Hui Yu, Xing-Wang Li, Quan-Bo Liu, Hui-Ling Deng, Gang Liu, Rong-Meng Jiang, Ji-Kui Deng, Ying-Zi Ye, Jian-Hua Hao, Ying-Hu Chen, Guang-Min Nong, Zhao-Bo Shen, Chang-Shan Liu, Ying-Xue Zou, Jin-Zhun Wu, Xing-Dong Wu, Bi-Quan Chen, Ru-Ping Luo, Ai-Wei Lin, Yan Chen, Xiao-Dong Liu
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Background: Herpangina is a common infectious disease in childhood caused by an enterovirus. This consensus is aiming to standardize and improve herpangina prevention and clinical diagnosis.
Methods: The Subspecialty Group of Infectious Diseases, the Society of Pediatric, Chinese Medical Association and Nation Medical Quality Control Center for Infectious Diseases gathered 20 experts to develop the consensus, who are specialized in diagnosis and treatment of herpangina.
Results: The main pathogenic serotypes of herpangina include Coxsackievirus-A, Enterovirus-A and Echovirus. Its diagnosis can be rendered on the basis of history of epidemiology, typical symptoms, characteristic pharyngeal damage and virological tests. The treatment is mainly symptomatic, and incorporates topical oral spray with antiviral drugs. The course of herpangina generally lasts 4-6 days with a good prognosis.
Conclusion: The consensus could provide advices and references for the diagnosis, treatment and management of herpangina in children.
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