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Standards of care for Kasabach−Merritt phenomenon in China 
Standards of care for Kasabach−Merritt phenomenon in China
  Wei Yao, Ke‑Lei Li, Zhong‑Ping Qin, Kai Li, Jia‑Wei Zheng, Xin‑Dong Fan, Lin Ma, De‑Kai Zhou, Xue‑Jian Liu, Li Wei, Li Li, Mao‑Zhong Tai, Jin‑Hu Wang, Yi Ji, Lin Zhou, Hai‑Jin Huang, Xiao‑Yun Gao, Zhi‑Jian Huang, Song Gu, He‑Ying Yang
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  KasabachMerritt phenomenon (KMP) is a rare disease that is characterized by severe thrombocytopenia and consumptive coagulation dysfunction caused by kaposiform hemangioendothelioma or tufted hemangioma. This condition primarily occurs in infants and young children, usually with acute onset and rapid progression. This review article introduced standardized recommendations for the pathogenesis, clinical manifestation, diagnostic methods and treatment process of KMP in China, which can be used as a reference for clinical practice.
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