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Asthma mortality among children and adolescents in China, 
Asthma mortality among children and adolescents in China,
  Ting-Ting Liu, Jin-Lei Qi, Ju Yin, Qi Gao, Wei Xu, Jing-Jing Qiao, Peng Yin, Mai-Geng Zhou, Kun-Ling Shen
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Background: Asthma mortality among children and adolescents at the national level in China was unreported. The aim of this study was to analyze the mortality of asthma among children and adolescents in China using a nationally representative database.
Methods: This was a descriptive study using data from the Disease Surveillance Points (DSPs) system. All asthma-related deaths among children and adolescents aged 0¨C19 years occurring in DSPs across China from 2008 to 2018 were included. Multilevel Poisson regression models were used to compute the total, age-, gender-, region- and residence-specific asthma mortality rates and to investigate the significance of trends and factors associated with asthma mortality. Data from the National Bureau of Statistics were used to estimate the national asthma deaths.
Results: Total asthma mortality rate among Chinese children and adolescents fluctuated between 0.020 (0.009, 0.045) and 0.059 (0.025, 0.137) per 100,000 and showed an overall downward trend (RR, 0.909; 95% CI 0.854¨C0.968) during the study period (2008¨C2018). Asthma mortality rate was higher in the western China (RR 2.356, 95% CI 1.513, 3.669) and varied over a ninefold range among DSPs in China. The estimated number of deaths decreased by 51.38% from 2008 (n = 148; 95% CI 58,379) to 2018 (n = 71; 95% CI 34, 109).
Conclusions: Asthma mortality rate among children and adolescents in China was at a low level compared to rates worldwide and decreased significantly from 2008 to 2018. Compared with most countries in the world, the number of asthma deaths was higher in China.
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