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Pediatric dysphagia overview: best practice recommendation study by multidisciplinary experts 
Pediatric dysphagia overview: best practice recommendation study by multidisciplinary experts
  Ebru Umay, Sibel Eyigor, Esra Giray, Evrim Karadag Saygi, Bulent Karadag, Nihal Durmus Kocaaslan, Deniz Yuksel, Arzu Meltem Demir, Engin Tutar, Canan Tikiz, Eda Gurcay, Zeliha Unlu, Pelin Celik, Ece Unlu Akyuz, Guven Mengu, Serkan Bengisu, Sibel Alicura, Necati Unver, Nida Yekteusaklari, Cuma Uz, Merve Cikili Uytun, Fatih Bagcier, Elif Tarihci, Mazlum Serdar Akaltun, Iclal Ayranci Sucakli, Damla Cankurtaran, Zeynep Aykın, Resa Aydın, Fatma Nazli
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Background: Currently, there is no comprehensive and multidisciplinary recommendation study covering all aspects of pediatric dysphagia (PD). This study aimed to generate PD management recommendations with methods that can be used in clinical practice to fill this gap in our country and in the world, from the perspective of experienced multidisciplinary experts.
Methods: This recommendation paper was generated by a multidisciplinary team, using the seven-step process and a three-round modified Delphi survey via e-mail. First, ten open-ended questions were created, and then detailed recommendations including management, diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up were created with the answers from these questions. Each recommendation item was voted on by the experts as overall consensus (strong recommendation), approaching consensus (weak recommendation) and divergent consensus (not recommended).
Results: In the 1st Delphi round, a questionnaire of 414 items was prepared based on the experts¡¯ responses to ten open-ended questions. In the 2nd Delphi round, 59.2% of these items were accepted as pre-recommendation. In the 3rd Delphi round, 62.6% of 246 items were accepted for inclusion in the proposals. The final version recommendations consisted of 154 items.
Conclusions: This study includes comprehensive and detailed answers for every problem that could be posed in clinical practice for the management of PD, and recommendations are for all pediatric patients with both oropharyngeal and esophageal dysphagia.
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