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Bilateral congenital Morgagni-Larrey's hernia 
Bilateral congenital Morgagni-Larrey's hernia
  Ahmed Hassan Al-Salem
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Background: Congenital Morgagni-Larrey's hernia (CMLH) is rare and known to be associated with a high incidence of bilaterality and associated anomalies. This study aimed to review our patients with bilateral CMLH and evaluate their presentation, associated anomalies, diagnostic difficulties and therapy.

Methods: From January 1989 to December 2007, we treated 8 children with bilateral CMLH at our hospital. Their medical records were retrospectively reviewed for age, sex, symptoms, associated anomalies, diagnosis, operative findings, treatment and outcome.

Results: Among the 8 children, 4 were male and 4 female, with a mean age of 22.74 months (range: 0.93-108 months). Six of them sustained repeated attacks of pneumonia. In 5 children, bilaterality was diagnosed at surgery. Associated anomalies were observed in all children, including congenital heart disease in 5, Down's syndrome in 4, malrotation in 3, inguinal hernia in 2, umbilical hernia in 1, and pyloric stenosis in 1. All of these children were operated on transabdominally. All of them did well postoperatively and on follow-up ranging from 1.5 years to 5 years (mean: 3 years), one had recurrence of the hernia as well as an incisional hernia.

Conclusions: The diagnosis of bilateral CMLH may be difficult preoperatively, especially if one of the hernial sacs is empty. CT scan is valuable to diagnose bilateral hernias. To repair these hernias, we advocate a transabdominal approach, which allows easy reduction and inspection of contents, access and repair of bilateral hernias, and correction of associated malrotation if present.

Key words: bilateral Morgagni-Larrey's hernia; congenital diaphragmatic hernia; diagnosis

                  World J Pediatr 2010;6(1):76-80

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