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CAIPIRINHA-accelerated T1w 3D-FLASH for small-bowel 
CAIPIRINHA-accelerated T1w 3D-FLASH for small-bowel
  Mengxia Li, Anke Dick, Nicole Hassold, Thomas Pabst, Thorsten Bley, Herbert Köstler,
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The ¡°Controlled Aliasing In Parallel Imaging Results In Higher Acceleration¡± (CAPIRINHA) technique greatly accelerates T1w 3D fast low angle shot (FLASH) scans while maintaining high image quality. We studied image quality and conspicuity of inflammatory lesions on CAIPIRINHA-accelerated imaging for pediatric small-bowel magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
Forty-four consecutive patients (mean 14¡À3 years, 18 girls) underwent small-bowel MRI (MR enterography, MRE) at 1.5 T including diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI), contrast-enhanced CAIPIRINHA 3D-FLASH and standard 2D-FLASH imaging. Crohn¡¯s disease (CD) was confirmed in 26 patients, 18 patients served as control. Independent blinded readings were performed for grading of image quality and conspicuity of CD lesions on CAIPIRINHA FLASH and standard FLASH images in comparison to a reference standard comprising imaging and endoscopic data.
CAIPIRINHA FLASH yielded significantly higher image quality with good inter-observer agreement (¦Ê=0.68) and showed better visual delineation in 40% of the assessed bowel lesions, as compared to standard FLASH. There was full agreement for identification of CD patients between CAIPIRINHA and standard FLASH. CAIPIRINHA FLASH detected two small-bowel lesions that were not seen on standard FLASH. DWI revealed additional inflammatory lesions inconspicuous on contrast-enhanced imaging. MRE showed an overall diagnostic accuracy of 93%.
We present first evidence that CAIPIRINHA greatly accelerates T1w imaging in paediatric MRE without trade-off in image quality or lesion conspicuity and is thus preferable to standard FLASH imaging.
Key words: CAIPIRINHA; Crohn's disease; FLASH; pediatrics; small-bowel MRI
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