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The emerging role of endoscopic ultrasound for pancreaticobiliary diseases in the pediatric population 
The emerging role of endoscopic ultrasound for pancreaticobiliary diseases in the pediatric population
  Suril Patel, Jarred Marshak, Fredric Daum, Shahzad Iqbal
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Background: Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) is a useful diagnostic and therapeutic tool in the pediatric population. Given the high accuracy and sensitivity of EUS, it is particularly effective in evaluating pancreaticobiliary disease. Published literature in the use of pediatric EUS is limited. Therefore we aimed to review the current literature for EUS indications, safety, and effectiveness for the pediatric population.
Data sources: English language articles on the use of pediatric endoscopic ultrasound in evaluating pancreaticobiliary diseases were retrieved from PubMed/ MEDLINE.
Results: We analyzed various retrospective studies and case series publications. Data were extrapolated for pediatric patients with pancreaticobiliary diseases.
Conclusions: EUS offers superior imaging. It is comparible to magnetic resonance imaging and/or pancreatic-protocol computed tomography. In the current literature, there are a variety of pancreaticobiliary conditions where EUS was utilized to make a diagnosis. These include recurrent pancreatitis, congenital anomalies, microlithiasis, pancreatic pseudocysts, and pancreatic mass lesions. EUS was shown to be a safe and cost-effective modality with both diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities in the pediatric population. EUS is now increasingly being recognized as a standard of care when evaluating pancreaticobiliary conditions in children.
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