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Asynchronus bilateral ovarian torsions in girls-systematic review 
Asynchronus bilateral ovarian torsions in girls-systematic review
  Maja Raicevic, Amulya Kumar Saxena
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Background: Bilateral ovarian torsions with complete loss of ovaries is devastating. This study analyzed the literature on bilateral ovarian torsions in girls to evaluate surgical options and outcomes.
Methods: Literature was searched on Pubmed® (1987-2014) using terms "bilateral", "adnexal", "ovary", "torsion" and "children". Data were collected on age, surgical preference, pathology and outcomes.
Results: Thirteen articles were identified, and 9 met the inclusion criteria (5 case reports, 4 original articles); and analyzed 17 girls (mean age: 8.75 years, range: 1-16). Bilateral oophorectomies (n=4), ipsilateral oophorectomy of severely affected ovary and contralateral oophoropexy (n=10), and detorsion of bilateral ovaries and bilateral oophoropexy (n=3) were performed. One torsion recurrence occurred after two oophoropexies. Laparoscopy and open surgery was done in 2 and 15 girls, respectively. Considering etiology, there were simple tubo-ovarian torsions (n=8), polycystic ovary (n=1), polycystic ovary associated with Down syndrome (n=1) and corpus luteum cyst (n=1). No tumors were reported. Serial ultrasound follow-ups of ipsilateral oophorectomy and contralateral oophoropexy (n=5) confirmed follicular function (n=4) and viability and position of the ovary (n=1).
Conclusions: Though extremely rare, school age girls present bilateral ovarian torsion. Ipsilateral oophorectomy and contralateral detorsion with oophoropexy has been the preferred approach.
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