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Vascular dysfunction of postural tachycardia syndrome in children 
Vascular dysfunction of postural tachycardia syndrome in children
  Wei Bai, Si-Yao Chen, Hong-Fang Jin, Jun-Bao Du
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Background: Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) is a form of orthostatic intolerance, and its incidence in children is approximately 6.8% [ 1 ]. The pathogenesis of POTS is complex with multiple, overlapping, interacting pathophysiological mechanisms. Although the specific pathogenic mechanism has remained perplexing, with the discovery of various gasotransmitters and biological peptides, the vascular dysfunction has aroused overwhelming attention.
Data sources: On the basis of searching in a wide range of recent original literatures, we reviewed the pathogenesis of vascular dysfunction in children with POTS.
Results: The flow-mediated vasodilation of POTS patients was greater than that of healthy controls, and the vasodilator factors were increased in patients with POTS under basal condition or under a standing position, while the vasoconstriction factors were reduced.
Conclusions: Vascular dysfunction, as one of pathogenesis in pediatric POTS patients, aff ects the occurrence and development of diseases through a variety of factors.
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