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Vol 13, No 1
Vol 13, No 1 January 2017 ISSN 1708-8569
Personal viewpoint
Review articles
Original articles
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Personal viewpoint:
Clearing the air: discrepant policy and practice concerning neonatal cannabinoid exposure
  James Patrick Ronayne, Anthony Heard, James William Antoon
  World Journal of Pediatrics   2017;13:5-7. [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]  
Review articles:
Sleep disordered breathing in children with achondroplasia
  Marco Zaffanello, Gaetano Cantalupo, Giorgio Piacentini, Emma Gasperi, Luana Nosetti,
  World Journal of Pediatrics   2017;13:8-14. [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]  
Vitamin K supplementation to prevent hemorrhagic morbidity and mortality of newborns in India and China
  Rajesh Kumar Rai, Jing Luo, Theodore Herzl Tulchinsky
  World Journal of Pediatrics   2017;13:15-19. [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]  
Adjuvant steroid treatment following Kasai portoenterostomy and clinical outcomes of biliary atresia patients: an updated meta-analysis
  Min-Zhong Zhang, Peng-Cheng Xun, Ka He, Wei Cai
  World Journal of Pediatrics   2017;13:20-26. [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]  
Original articles:
Efficacy and tolerability of a polysaccharide-resin-honey based cough syrup as compared to carbocysteine syrup for children with colds: a randomized, single-blinded, multicenter study
  Herman Avner Cohen, Moshe Hoshen, Shmuel Gur, Arie Bahir, Yoseph Laks, Hannah Blau
  World Journal of Pediatrics   2017;13:27-33. [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]  
Endothelial nitric oxide synthase gene polymorphisms are associated with sensitization to seasonal aeroallergens in asthmatic children
  Maria Iordanidou, Emmanouil Paraskakis, Anna Tavridou, Athanasios Chatzimichael,
  World Journal of Pediatrics   2017;13:34-40. [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]  
Bronchiolitis in young infants: is it a risk factor for recurrent wheezing in childhood?
  Firas Rinawi, Imad Kassis, Rina Tamir, Amir Kugelman, Isaac Srugo, Dan Miron
  World Journal of Pediatrics   2017;13:41-48. [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]  
Analysis of the characteristics and management of critical values in a newborn tertiary center in China
  Zheng-Li Wang, Li-Zhong Du, Yi-Yu Chen, Lu-Quan Li, Qi Lu, Ying Liu, Lu-Ying Cao,
  World Journal of Pediatrics   2017;13:49-56. [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]  
Trajectory of cause of death among brought dead neonates in tertiary care public facilities of Pakistan: A multicenter study
  Muhammad Ayaz Mustufa, Munir Ahmed Sheikh, Ijaz-ul-Haque Taseer, Syed Jamal
  World Journal of Pediatrics   2017;13:57-62. [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]  
A population-based study of prevalence of Down syndrome in Southern Thailand
  Somchit Jaruratanasirikul, Ounjai Kor-anantakul, Montira Chowvichian, Wannee
  World Journal of Pediatrics   2017;13:63-69. [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]  
A pilot study using lactulose in management of minimal hepatic encephalopathy in children with extrahepatic portal vein obstruction
  Hanaa Mostafa El-Karaksy, Omneya Afi fi , Azza Bakry, Ann Abdel Kader, Noha Saber
  World Journal of Pediatrics   2017;13:70-75. [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]  
Hepatotoxicity induced by acute and chronic paracetamol overdose in children: Where do we stand?
  Hoi Yan Tong, Nicol®Ęs Medrano, Alberto Manuel Borobia, Jos®¶ Antonio Ruiz, Ana Mar®™a
  World Journal of Pediatrics   2017;13:76-83. [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]  
Parental attitudes towards influenza vaccination for children in South India
  Chethan Ramprasad, Rajeev Zachariah, Mark Steinhoff, Anna Simon
  World Journal of Pediatrics   2017;13:84-90. [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]  
Clinical image:
Trichobezoar and Rapunzel syndrome
  Zhi-Nan Sun, Dong-Lai Hu, Zhong-Mei Chen
  World Journal of Pediatrics   2017;13:91-91. [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]  
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