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The role of gut micorbiome in obesity and diabetes 
The role of gut micorbiome in obesity and diabetes
  Katarzyna G¨®rowska-Kowolik, Agata Chobot
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Background: Obesity and diabetes became a grooving problem in both adults and children. Many hypotheses concerned agents involved in the excessive weight gain process and it¡¯s consequences. Not only genetic or environmental factors, but also intestinal microbiome seems to play a role in the pathophysiology of this phenomenon.
Data sources: A systematic review was conducted using Pubmed as the medical database source. Studies concerning connection between microbiome and metabolic disorders such as obesity and diabetes from last 10 years were analyzed.
Results: Intestinal bacteria may be involved both in the development of obesity, and its further complications. The pro-inflammatory and immunomodulating effect of dysbiosis are possible triggers of insulin resistance and diabetes. Early interventions aimed at the microbiome, as well as attempts to modify the microbiome at later stages may become new opportunities in the prevention and treatment of obesity and carbohydrate metabolism disorders.
Conclusions: The gut microbiome has been shown to be an important part of the metabolic processes. The use of probiotic, prebiotics and symbiotics is promising, but requires further investigations to determine the specific metabolic effects of each bacteria strain and substance.
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